Celebrating Universal Diversity

Our Congregation

Our Purpose

The purpose of St. John the Apostle MCC is to teach God’s love to the diverse community centered in Fort Myers, Florida, in order to deepen our relationship with God, each other and ourselves.

Frank serves in the food line

Saint John the Apostle is part of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), a denomination of churches throughout the United States and the world. Visit the MCC denominational website.

Our Ministry

MCC affirms the universal priesthood of all believers (I Peter 2:5-10). All members of the Church are called by God to a ministry of the Gospel of Christ in the Church and in the world. MCC decrees that all people shall have equality of access and opportunity which is free from discrimination on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, physical challenge, HIV Status, health status, gender identification, nationality, or economic status.

MCC Statement of Faith

This is the simple declaration of what MCC believes, as stated in our By-Laws, and accepted by our General Conference:

Christianity is the revelation of God in Jesus Christ and is the religion set forth in the scriptures. Jesus Christ is foretold in the Old Testament, presented in the New Testament, and proclaimed by the Christian Church in every age and in every land.

Founded in the interest of offering a church home to all who confess and believe, Metropolitan Community Churches moves in the mainstream of Christianity.

Our faith is based upon the principles outlined in the historic creeds: Apostles and Nicene.

MCC Core Values Statement

  1. We claim a vision filled with hope and faith in God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.
  2. Through God’s grace we nurture love, humility and respect.
  3. We embrace a tolerant, socially aware atmosphere for all of God’s people.
  4. We build our relationships based on honesty, trust and integrity.


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